Import and edit existing scores and tabs with Nota Studio

Import and edit existing scores and tabs with Nota Studio

Posted on: 8/22/2021 4:25:25 AM

We support MusicXML (xml / mxl) and MIDI (mid / midi) files, and recommend you to use MusicXML files if you import sheet music from another software (you will have the exact music notation imported to Nota Studio).

You can also import the following non-standard files formats to Nota Studio. Please note that we don’t offer an official support for them, they are provided to help you importing your existing files.

  • MuseScore: mscz
  • TuxGuitar files: tg
  • Guitar Pro files: gp (v7), gpx (v6), gp5, gp4, gp3
  • Power Tab Editor: ptb

Import and edit the files online with Nota Studio

To create your first music score with Nota Studio and get started with writing your music notation or tabs, sign up to Nota.

On Nota Studio, Click on the Import a score or tab button, or New score or tab and choose Import your creation:

Choose your file(s) to import, and they will be directly added to your Nota account.
We believe in cloud reversibility, so at any time you can export your scores back in MusicXML from Nota and open them with most of the software available on the market.

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